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Your School Expects You To…

  • Be kind, generous and have healthy relationship with your schoolmates.
  • Talk politely and always be ready to help others in their need.
  • Speak the truth and be honest because it gives you strength to do things more courageously.
  • Observe the good qualities in others and implement it in your life.
  • Be regular and enthusiastic in studies. Do your assignments systematically.
  • Keep your class room and surroundings clean and maintain the environment of the school premises.
  • Be very careful when you walk on public roads. Learn the rules of the road.
  • Be alert while you travel and act wisely when situations demand. Report serious matters to your parents or teachers.
  • Avoid buying edible items from street vendors, as it is often harmful to health.
  • live up to the values and principles inculcated in you by this institution.