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Tree walk has launched a new programme,Time to plant, to welcome the monsoon as part of its greening urban spaces campaign.Students and teachers from Bodhi Nature club participated in the programme on Kanakakunnu Palace grounds on June 21st.The concept behind greening urban spaces is to assure proper care and maintenance of saplings till they grow into trees and are able to deliver all ecological services overcoming vicissitudes of weather and developmental projects.This programme is connected to the ongoing greening process to increase plant diversity at Kanakakunnu Palace. Staff Secretary Mrs. Beena Antony, Teachers Mrs.Jyothi Hari, Mrs.Deepthi S R , Mrs.Nirmala M and Mrs.Suma Thomas led the students in the extracurricular project time with nature. Tree walk coordinator Mrs. Anitha S and Mr. Aravind Balakrishnan, Range Officer at Forest HQ, introduced the programme to the participants. Mr.Prakash Gopinath (Indus Cycling Enbassy) and Mr.Sajeev S J (Kerala, My Own Country) support the programme, besides Tree Walk members. Students and other participants planted 30 saplings of neem, gooseberry, Indian bullet tree and guava. Tree Walk intends to monitor the growth and care of saplings, besides carrying on with the greening drive in other spaces in the city.

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