CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PROUD WINNERS IN AISSE 2019 BOARD EXAM!!! School secured 100% pass with 5 Full A1 Holders, 66 Distinction out of which 42 students scored above 90 % , 24 Distinction & 5 First class out of 71 students.


Class XI Online Application Processing



Teachers Day was celebrated in the school on September 5, 2019 and the celebration began at 8:30 am in the school auditorium. The program was lead class XI students. Rev Sr.Lissi A P, Principal addressed the gathering. Teachers were welcomed with lighted candles. The day was a treat by the students, for the teachers, organised under the guidance of the Principal .On behalf of the students, school head girl Ms.Gouri S , expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the teachers on the day. Games and the Sadhya, added flavour to the enjoyment of the day.

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