The admission for the academic year 2020-21 for class LKG - STD XI starts on 26th Sep 2019. | CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PROUD WINNERS IN AISSE 2019 BOARD EXAM!!! School secured 100% pass with 5 Full A1 Holders, 66 Distinction out of which 42 students scored above 90 % , 24 Distinction & 5 First class out of 71 students.


Class XI Online Application Processing


Our Motto

‘Shine where you are’

Man’s life starts from the womb of his mother and then grows into a fully developed personality. A child’s family, school, peer group and society together promote her/his all-round personality. Our school takes this responsibility to impart productive and creative education and improve knowledge and skill of students so as to make them a fully developed personality which will help them to shine wherever they are.

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